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People qualify as Russian-speakers if they know Russian and use it in their everyday home and cultural lives, and if they or their direct ancestors permanently lived

Russian Federation definition, a republic extending from E Europe to N and W Asia. 6,593,000 sq. mi. (17,076,000 sq. km). See more.

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Destination Russia, the world’s largest country. A virtual travel guide to the Russian Federation. The country, which is commonly known as Russia, is located partly

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Embassy of the Russian Federation in Ottawa. 285 Charlotte Street, Ottawa, ON K1N 8L5 : Consular Section of Russian Federation in Ottawa 52 Range Road,

The Russian Federation (Росси́йская Федера́ция, Rossiyskaya Federatsiya), commonly known as Russia (Rossiya), is a transcontinental country

Customs Tariff Of The Russian Federation, Russian Customs Tariff, Russian Legislation, agriculture product stocks, agriculture products processing, agrochemicals and

Photos and information about aircraft at the Russian Federation Air Force Museum at Monino, Russia – Russia’s premier aircraft museum

Communist Party of the Russian Federation Коммунистическая Партия Российской Федерации. First Secretary: Gennady Zyuganov

Embassy of the Russian Federation to the USA, with information on maritine issues, the fisheries committee, trade mission, and consular division.

Anthem: ” “Gosudarstvenny gimn Rossiyskoy Federatsii” (transliteration) “State Anthem of the Russian Federation”

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