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Author’s Note: Before we begin with Sansa and Ros’ sexual lessons, I have something I want to say. I have post a poll on my profile asking you about your favourite

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By Tracy Scarpino “Good God, What a Night” by Petronius Arbiter. Good God, what a night that was, The bed was so soft, and how we clung, Burning together, lying this

Love Sonnets By John Barlas (pseud. Evelyn Douglas) 1889. Beauty; I. “Lo in thine honour I will build a place” II. “Since I have known you I have little heed”

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This story is completely fictional. * man was an Airline Safety and Crash Investigator, worked long hours and wasn’t home often. When home, he slept most of the time

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Reader’s Comments . PROLOGUE A constant buzzing noise and soft, muffled moans fill the otherwise silent room. Alfred took a sip from the coffee as he went through

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pieces of great poetry beautiful words from poems. The following are bits and pieces of the Brain Candy collector’s favorite poems, accumulated through the years.

Victorian Songs. Here is a selection of songs and poetry popular during the Victorian era. It is interesting to note that even Edgar Allen Poe was put to music

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She’s a Freckle Faced Fox with a soft horny pussy and a relaxed, carefree attitudeā€¦meet Chrissy Fox as she hangs out on the bed with her man, her head in his lap

We meet at a Subway shop around 1:00 for lunch. I’m wearing a pretty, flowered, sleeveless sun dress and sandals because it’s still summer-like, even though the

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Notes: {This is a fantasy! Women are lovable persons and I would do anything to make them happy. I am a vegetarian myself.} Cannibal Cruise. Chapter 1.

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