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Oligomer molecule: A molecule of intermediate relative molecular mass, the structure of which essentially comprises a small plurality of units derived, actually or

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The degree of polymerization, or DP, is usually defined as the number of monomeric units in a macromolecule or polymer or oligomer molecule. For a homopolymer, there

Polymer definition, a compound of high molecular weight derived either by the addition of many smaller molecules, as polyethylene, or by the condensation of many

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This chapter introduces the basics of polymer science, including classification of polymers, polymer structure, molecular weight, chemical structure, and thermal

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Israel : Polyram Israel: ACETAL, BONDYRAM

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When added to various rubbers and resins such as polyacetal or nylon, the material provides: Improved lubrication; Enhanced abrasion resistance; Better impact

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Nylon Oligomer 120

Nylon Oligomer 54

Goulston Technologies’ synthetic filament spin finishes provide excellent friction control and can be customized for a variety of processing requirements.

Palmer Holland offers a variety of industrial specialty chemicals including functional additives, epoxy resins and organic pigments.

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