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Buy quality karate uniforms for less. Excellent prices, the best gis and low shipping. offers approved Karate uniforms for youth and adults. Not only do we offer competition approved uniforms and are able to help with any questions you

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Since 1994, Medina Kenpo Karate has been providing instruction in Kenpo and the martial arts in the Springfield, PA area.

American Kenpo Karate college in Colorado Springs, CO, provides superior self-defense and martial arts classes. 719-634-6556

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Kenpo Academy of Martial Arts Providing Martial Arts instruction for s, teens and adults in the Fresno & Clovis area since 2005 Kenpo Karate 559-230-9466

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Karate Uniform – Black Medium weight 100% Cotton, made of durable highly-absorbent 8 oz. 100% cotton. Our uniforms have overlapping seams and are of heavy-duty double

American Kenpo died with Ed Parker, on December 15, 1990. At his funeral his wife, Leilani Parker, announced that Ed Parker left no successor.

Chinese Kenpo Karate Scandal! I’ve heard many tales of many martial arts that were, shall we say, less than honorable, but the one I heard about Chinese Kenpo

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Welcome our mkks. MKKS was created by Lee Lowery in 1976. Professor Lowery earned his black belt from Richard Griffin who was versed in Tracy Kenpo.

Kenpo Karate was once known as the Ed Parker system because many of the Kenpo instructors trained directly under that great martial artists. However, the founder of

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