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Nov 24, 2016 · How to Easily Read Faces and Facial Expressions. Reading people’s emotions is an important part of human communication. Recognizing facial expressions is

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Learning how to decode the face is like having a super power. Check out our guide to reading microexpressions.

Tips for Drawing Facial Expressions. The Most Important Features. The Eyes – Probably the most important feature for evoking a clear emotion. Utilize the eyelids

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Body Language and Facial Expressions. Unless you’re a spy for a foreign country, you probably have never taken a formal course on how to have expert control over your

Facial Expressions . In American Sign Language, facial expressions are an important part of communication. The facial expressions you use while doing a sign will

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Facial expressions can convey a great deal of nonverbal information. Photo by ZoneCreative – iStockPhoto Think for a moment about how much a person is able to

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Twenty facial expressions of basic and compound emotion categories. From left to right and top to bottom, these categories correspond to: happy, sad, fearful, angry

Personal site with information regarding his career in psychology studying facial expression, emotion, and deception. Publication list, and details about his

Jul 05, 2013 · The alleged universality of facial expressions has been debated since Darwin. Some seem more universal, while the more nuanced emotions can get lost in

How good are you at interpreting facial expressions? Take our test and find out.

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